How To Find Your Ameren Electricity Usage

Ameren Customers:

How Do I Find My Ameren Electricity Usage?

Ameren electricity usage is found on your monthly billing statement. Your electricity usage can also be found online or by phone.  To receive your solar estimate and learn about the savings from solar energy we will need your electric usage.

Email us the information obtained in one of the 3 ways:

On Each Month’s Bill that you Receive by Mail:                                                                             

If you save your bills


* Go to:
*  Login if you already have an online account set-up.  Otherwise, register (you will need the 10 digit account number from your bill)
*  In the Left Columm – click “Account Details”
*  Click the tab “Bill History”
*  Click the tab “Cost Detail”
*  In the Upper Right Corner of the table, click “Export Table”
* .csv file will now auto download on your computer
*  Attach this file to an email & send it to us

By Phone:

* Call Ameren Missouri @ 800 552-7583 ext. 2, or
Ameren Illinois @ 800 755-5000 ext. 2

* Next you will need to speak to a person, & the quickest way to get to one is to enter “0” & continue to respond to the “sorry” message with “0”, until the message says something like “we see the phone number you’re calling from”.  Then follow their prompts from there.

* When the representative answers, ask them to read you for each of the last 12 months:  a) the month period, &  b) kilowatt hour usage for that period, and then give you the total kWh.  If for some reason they wont provide this by phone, see if they will email it.

Last Revised Jan 2018

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