Zach Swan


Zach Swan

Zach Swan joined StraightUp Solar in 2018. Prior to joining the team, Zach was a tree trimmer for almost five years, with a quick foray as a tower climber. Looking back, Zach thinks that his most interesting experiences were definitely in the tower business. Zach says that being more than 200 feet in the air was exhilarating, as well as fun. The highest climb he had been on was 450ft and the views were absolutely beautiful!

Zach’s tree trimming career started because he wanted to take care and care for trees any way I could. He took part in the healthcare as well as the pruning. After working several years as a tree trimmer, Zach was looking for something else that made a larger impact on the environment. A friend of his referred him to contact StraightUp Solar and explore the opportunities in the solar workforce. It’s all history from there.

Zach’s hobbies include playing Magic The Gathering with friends, golf, and soon to be reptile keeping. Zach hopes that as she gets older, his daughter will share some of these hobbies; especially the reptile keeping, considering she’ll be living with them. 🙂

To Zach, being on the team means that he gets to be a major factor in the revolution. In Zach’s words, “the revolution that will hopefully make people see that we as a community, a country, a planet, can still have all the modern conveniences we already have with renewable energy. We don’t need fossil fuels, and all the emissions that come with it. There is a better way and it will only get better and less expensive from here”.

“My favorite thing about StraightUp Solar, other than the great people I work with, is the pride I get from the work I put in. I’m only a small factor in a big change but it makes me feel good to know something that I helped do could change someone else’s mind on renewable energy!”

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