William Hatch

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William Hatch

William joined StraightUp Solar in 2016 and is thrilled to be a member of the Solar Tribe. He brings 8 years of sales experience to the team, both in business-to-business and direct-to-consumer, and 5 years of business development in solar energy sales and environmental design throughout Missouri, Illinois, California and Utah.

William hails from Salt Lake City, where he spent his youth exploring the great outdoors and skiing to his heart’s content. He earned his degree in Environmental and Ecological Design from Prescott College in Arizona. While at Prescott, William started his own landscaping company where he began putting his love of nature to good use. After graduating, William volunteered for the Interethnic Health Alliance in Uganda, creating small off-grid solar systems for schools and churches in remote villages and advising local subsistence farmers with newly approved micro loans. He has since worked in the solar sector as a solar sales associate, lead solar designer, solar financing consultant, and director of solar sales.

William is passionate about sustainability above all other things. A true outdoorsman, he’d happily trade his downtown loft for a camper van in the Ozarks (if only his girlfriend would let him). His hobbies include fly fishing, backpacking, hiking, farming, leatherworking, and volunteering at TREE House, a horse therapy center for kids with learning disabilities. If you’ve discovered any hidden hiking trails worth knowing about, please give William a shout!

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