Ray Harp

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Ray Harp

Ray joined StraightUp Solar in June of 2017 as an IT and Solar Production Specialist. In this role, Ray works within the Field Service and IT departments.

Prior to joining StraightUp Solar, Ray attended South East State Missouri University and received Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Systems Management. Ray’s hometown is Cape Girardeau, MO.

On joining the StraightUp Solar team, Ray is enthusiastic, “For me, it means that I am proud to be a part of such a productive team and working in the sustainability energy field. I am excited for the opportunity to make positive impact every day at work.”

He is an avid record collector and some of his favorite artists include David Bowie, Parliament, and Yes. He has always loved electrical work and tinkering with appliances. In fact, he currently restores antique pre-World War II era refrigerators that he claims are surprisingly energy efficient and eco-friendly!

The StraightUp Solar team is glad to have Ray aboard, noting that Ray jumped right into his work with a positive attitude and is really a hard working guy on the move. He rarely stays in one place for very long because much of his work is out in the field.

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