Kaela Chaffin


Kaela Chaffin

Kaela joined the StraightUp Solar team in 2020. She obtained an Associate of Science Degree in Electronic Media Production and has 10+ years of Concert Production work history as well as 6+ years of Climbing/Rigging experience. Before joining the team, she was focused full time on building steel structures for stadium shows – leading teams dealing with scaffold, construction, working with cranes and staying OSHA compliant.

Kaela enjoys spending time with her 3 year old Australian Sheppard, Bowie. They go camping and kayaking together. She also enjoy singing and spending time listening to music, reading and writing in mindfulness practices and studying mindfulness techniques.

Kaela stated she is genuinely excited to be apart of a team that is mindful of their ecological footprint in the world and who strive to lead by example. Upon being hired, hearing that the Company was conscious of being nondiscriminatory towards their workers and who they hire as well as being conscious and supportive of the diversity of people on their team made her feel like her values and the company’s values were aligned. She is excited to spend time learning about this solar team and their take on the solar industry.

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