Chloé Evans


Chloé Evans

Chloé joined the StraightUp Solar team in spring 2021. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Advocacy and Discourse from Saint Louis University. Her minor was in Women’s and Gender Studies. Chloé also interned at the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center and was the Marketing and Development Specialist at the Audubon Center at Riverlands.

In her spare time Chloé loves to hike, backpack, and camp with her German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix Kaiya. She also love thrifting for second hand clothing and furniture.

Chloé stated, “Being a part of the StraightUp Solar team means that I am working collectively with a team of like-minded individuals that understand the significance of renewable energy and the positive impact it has on our planet. Because I work in solar, I’ve managed to find a way to combat climate change on a level that feels monumental and tangible. To me, that is by far my favorite aspect of working in the renewable energy sector.”

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