Bill Weckback


Bill Weckback

Bill has an expansive educational background. He studied at Southeast Missouri State University and St. Louis University in various forms of engineering. Then he landed at the American Trade School to learn how to be an HVAC Installation Technician. His position as an HVAC installer included installing full HVAC systems, geothermal systems, and water heaters (traditional and tankless). He also worked in sheet metal fabrication, and system troubleshooting. His most recent career involved commercial roof inspections for a roof consultant company based in St. Louis. The position required traveling throughout the United States to perform roof inspections for existing roof systems and roof system installations in progress.

In his spare time he enjoys getting to the river to kayak and canoe. His sister, Ann, is an environmental scientist in Washington State. She helps ensure that large scale infrastructure projects in Lewis County are performed in an environmentally sustainable way. He is excited to join her to protect the environment with large scale solar infrastructure project here in the midwest.

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