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What is SunDivision?

SunDivision: Introducing a bright idea for small communities

SunDivision empowers everyday people to work together to take control of their clean energy future… one neighborhood at a time. We believe modern access to solar power should be affordable and easy to understand.

To achieve this vision, we’ve reinvented the traditional solar “group purchasing” program to eliminate inherent time, resource, and logistical challenges. A typical program lowers the cost of solar by pooling buying power on the city, county, or state level. 

SunDivision zeroes in even further on the neighborhood level to pre-qualify homes that are well-suited for solar. Ideal subdivisions often have homes with: newly constructed south-facing roofs, limited-to-no shading, simple geometric roof shape, consistent utility company and jurisdictional rules, and a connected community. We pass the soft cost savings on to you.

We are excited to offer this special solar pricing model that maximizes value so you can finally achieve your solar dream! What’s better? We offer a referral bonus if you refer your neighbors. Together you can turn your subdivision into a SunDivision solar neighborhood. This program is available until October 31, 2020. To get started, call us at (844)97-SOLAR or click to Get a Quote >>

Making Solar Simple

By design, the SunDivision “micro” group buy program has taken all the guesswork out of going solar. To maximize value, simplify the process, reduce costs, and create a beautiful uniform look in the neighborhood, we are exclusively featuring REC all-black, monocrystalline, high-efficiency, 25 year warrantied solar panels. In addition, we offer easy-access low-interest financing, incredible production monitoring, free roof inspections, and an easy to get and understand quote.

Sleek, All Black Panels
Easy-Access, Low-Interest Financing
Production Monitoring

Participating Neighborhoods

Go Solar Together

Solar reduces carbon dioxide production by offsetting coal burning for power production. The Midwest is powered largely with coal. Let’s say your home has a 7 kilowatt (kW) solar system installed that produces 9,100 kilowatt-hours (kWhDC) per year. You’ve just avoided 6.4 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions yearly!

Imagine doubling this if you AND your neighbor go solar. Or everyone on your block, or your entire neighborhood. If 50 homes all add 7kW systems, collectively you’re avoiding 322 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions yearly! That is equivalent to avoiding carbon dioxide emissions from 354,000 pounds of coal burned, nearly 800,000 miles driven by a car, 745 barrels of oil consumed, and carbon sequestered by 420 acres of US forests. (Estimate your neighborhood with the greenhouse gas calculator. Just multiply the number of houses in your neighborhood by 9,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity and enter it in the calculator).

Together you and your neighbors can make a big impact on your clean energy future.


SunDivision | Empowering Your Clean Energy Future... One Neighborhood at a Time.

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If you're a resident of one of SunDivision's qualified neighborhoods, please fill out the form below before October 31, 2020. A representative will follow up with your quote in 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). If you have any questions, please call us at (844)97-SOLAR.