Steve Sommers Project Developer - StraightUp Solar

Steve Sommers - Solar Project Developer

A St. Louis native with an engineering degree from The University of Missouri at Rolla (now Missouri S&T).  Self employed in technical sales for decades.  Co-founding TEDxStLouis and TEDxGatewayArch, gave me an even deeper appreciation of innovation occurring all around us.  

Three intersecting beliefs pointed me to join StraightUp Solar.  The first is “Moore’s Law” which describes the logarithmic speed of technological change we are all experiencing. The next is the “Diffusion of Innovation” which tells the story of how new technology is accepted by a society.   And last but not least the explosive growth of solar installer jobs, indicating a growth market.  A proven technology with solid economic returns that also helps the planet – Count me in!

Steve Sommers Portrait

I did not expect how happy and proud people would become upon deciding to ‘Go Solar’.  Mark, my very first customer, actually did a little jig when the array was activated, a modern day sun dance.  Always protective of doing things honestly and collaboratively, I look forward to creating a free assessment to determine if solar makes sense for you. Sign up for a free, no-obligation solar assessment below.


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