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Steve Sommers

VIDEO: Electric Vehicle Charging Incentives


A special Thank You! to St. Louis’s own Jean Ponzi for inviting me to present on “Electric Vehicle Incentives” on the St. Louis Green Business Challenge’s Virtual Brown Bag. Electric Vehicles (or EV’s) are waaaay up on my list of cool tech to talk about. I’m excited to share insights on how to get ahead of the demand for charging stations.

Besides how fast this industry is moving, people need to know ASAP that the 30% federal incentive actually expires at the end of 2020. That’s not just to sign up, it’s to have it INSTALLED. Give me a call on my mobile by Nov 25th if you want to get in the installation queue and take advantage of this federal incentive. I can give you a quick, custom quote: 314-662-2693.

Of course, there are other incentives available beyond 2020. Watch the video above to learn all about them.

As always, I’m available if you have questions. Follow my sustainability efforts through my “Sommers Solstice” Facebook page, reach out to me at or call my mobile at 314-662-2693.

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