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Solarize MilliporeSigma

Active October 2018-December 2018

About the Program

Solarize MilliporeSigma was a special limited time solar group buy program offered to employees of MilliporeSigma in the Greater St. Louis region.

In 2018, StraightUp Solar and MilliporeSigma teamed up to provide savings on solar installation services to MilliporeSigma employees.

Benefits of the Program Included:

  • Education sessions provided to MilliporeSigma employees with information about how solar works and available state and federal incentives
  • October – December 2018 program timeline for participants to sign a contract to go solar
  • Volume discounts offered for higher program participation:
    • 1% at 25kW, 2% at 50KW and 3% at 100KW
  • $1,000 from MillaporeSigma to every employee who goes solar!

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