On Tuesday August 8th 2013, StraightUp Solar held the launch event for the StraightUp Solar Tribe. “A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, a leader, and idea” said President Dane Glueck. The SUS Tribe is based on the idea of empowering communities to be more sustainable. The Solar Tribe needs leaders to create a platform to bring together Clients, Advocates, Community Leaders, and our own StraightUp Solar staff to enrich our community.

As we develop this new organization together please stand by for updates. If you are interested in helping grow the organization please email solartribe@straightupsolar.com 

We hope that this new community based partnership will plant a seed that grows into a fully functioning non-profit dedicated to providing solar for those most in need. The tribe is meant to be a platform to foster communication for our shared interest in promoting the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

You can be a part of the process. Help us determine the size, scope, and number of projects. Help us find the communities that will benefit the most. Help us make solar a lifestyle and not just a business relationship. We promise to share our institutional knowledge and premier labor force to help transform our community one house and one block at a time.

The inaugural event was held at Urban Chestnut – a local brewing legend and past solar client. Dan Chiras of the Evergreen Institute gave a speech that distilled his decades of solar teaching and advocacy into a form that set the stage for this new idea. He emphasized the phenomenal growth of wind and solar across the world along with the opportunity this represented for business and individuals. Nearly 150 past clients, friends, and solar advocate joined us for this night of beer and conversation. See the album on facebook or google+.

In keeping with the spirit of the event and inspired by the example of the President of ISEA – our current Director of Illinois Business Development – we are proud to support We-Care Solar. It is a non-profit that uses solar to save the lives of women and babies in developing nations. They equip off-grid medical clinics with solar power for lighting and emergency communication. Rather than performing vital care in the dark or by flashlight, facilities can now be lit by the power of the sun. Learn more at http://wecaresolar.org/. At the event, we raised half of the cost of a solar suitcase system and our staff has donated the remainder!!!

Several awards were raffled off including messenger bags and solar chargers for mobile devices. The culminating event was a raffle for a 2 kW system with a maximum retail value of $8,000. This went Toni McMurphy – a longtime friend of StraightUp Solar and owner of Infinite Impact.

1st Annual Tribal Gathering