How to Know if Your House is Right For A Home Solar System

How to Know if Your House is Right For A Home Solar System

Your Step-By-Step Guide

To decide how solar can work for you consider 3 factors and then how they all fit together:


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Putting the Puzzle Together

What Makes StraightUp Solar Different?

Full Turnkey and ‘Self-performing’ Solar Installer, partnering with only a few other select contractors
More than 35,000 solar panels installed on homes and businesses across the region
St. Louis region’s Oldest Leading Solar Installer, founded in 2006
10 Year StraightUp Solar Production and Workmanship Warranties, along with panel & inverter manufacturer warranties
Multiple fully In-House Commercial/Residential Installation Crews
Fully Licensed Electrical Contractor led by former electrical engineer at Boeing
6 NABCEP Certified Professionals (the solar industry’s national accrediting organization)
Certified Sunpower Dealer
Team that’s passionately committed to creating a Solar Tribe that builds a Sustainable World
Is an on-site evaluation necessary?

We can answer most questions about the viability of your property and discover what might be right for you, by reviewing your electricity usage and satellite data. We may ask you to send a few photographs. Then with a high degree of confidence, we are able to build a proposal tailored specifically to your needs.

Finally, if we are on track with your expectations, we travel to your home. There we complete our onsite inspection to verify, and if need be adjust while on location, your proposal.

The onsite inspection includes examining and photographing your electrical panel and array location(s), measuring your site’s actual dimensions, and quantifying shading (if applicable).

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