How Do We Calculate Commercial Solar Energy Savings?

How we Calculate Savings

This calculator is based on utility pricing as of May 2017 and is designed to provide a rough idea of your business’s potential savings.  Many factors influence actual savings.  We will provide a better estimate when we gather a bit more information from you.  And if you purchase an installation from us, StraightUp Solar will guarantee the minimum annual kilowatt  production you can count on.

How the Solar Calculator Works:

1) Determine How Many kWh you use annually:  You provided your averaged monthly bill. The calculator deducts the monthly fees, and divides by the average price per watt for your utility to get kWh/month and then it multiplies by 12 months.

2) If your bill is less than $275 the calculator assumes you have array space to offset your entire bill.  Otherwise the calculator computes what covering half your bill with a solar array would save you

3) Calculate annual savings:  each year a solar array produces slightly less than the year before.  This decline is expected and the calculator uses the solar module warranty reduction of 0.7% annually.  The calculator also uses a annual utility inflation rate/ kWh depending on your utility.  We decrease the production and increase the rate each of 25 years, multiply times your assumed annual kWh usage, and then total up the 25 years worth of savings.

Pretty Straightforward!

How much money will my business save by using solar?

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