Solar Service and Solar Warranties

Do you have a solar array or battery system that needs to be fixed in Missouri or Illinois?

Our service department can ensure solar energy will be delivered reliably to your home or business throughout the decades of its life.

StraightUp Solar Service Department

You made the long-term investment in solar, and we are here to help you keep it generating energy as expected. Our company has been installing solar and storage systems for 15 years, and we have seen it all.  We can help you maintain your solar PV system for decades to come.

StraightUp Solar’s full-time service department helps you troubleshoot issues and fulfill service requests. We can solve these common service issues:

  • Malfunctioning wiring 
  • Chewed wiring from animals
  • Internet monitoring
  • Malfunctioning inverters
  • Detach and reattach panels when re-roofing your home or business
  • Broken or Damaged Panels

We service all solar PV systems from homes to businesses, from rooftop solar to ground mounted solar, and from storage to non-storage systems. We work with a variety of inverters, racking, batteries, and modules, so our team is well-qualified to keep your array up and running.  We can service your system even if you did not choose StraightUp Solar for the initial installation. Unfortunately, we do not service solar thermal arrays at this time. 

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StraightUp Solar Guarantees

10-Year Workmanship Guarantee

If anything goes wrong as a result of our workmanship in the first 10 years of the system’s life, we will fix the problem at no cost to the customer. This covers damages such as roof penetration damages, wire damages, or any structural damage caused by the array.


10-Year Energy Sunrise to Sunset Energy Production Guarantee

We stand by our system design calculations. If your system’s energy production falls below 85% of our proposed estimate, we will either repair or upgrade the system, or reimburse you for the retail value of the missing production. While we can’t predict the weather, we guarantee that if your system production falls significantly, we will rectify the situation.

Purchasing a Home with Solar?

If you are considering purchasing a home with solar already installed, give us a call to check out the system operations. We can advise you on how to operate the system and any potential hazards.

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Need a New Roof with an Existing Solar Installation?

Our trained technicians can detach the mounting racks and panels from your old roof. We return to place your system back on the new roof.

Maintenance Plans

We also offer customized maintenance plans for businesses. We can perform a maintenance inspection of the system’s components every year. Commercial clients with systems over 30kW can sign an Operations and Maintenance agreement to keep their array working.

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Contact us at or 844-97-SOLAR.

Products We Service

Below are some of the brands we can service. If you do not see your equipment on this list, give us a call. It is likely we can fix it for you! Please note that labor costs may not be included in your product warranty. 


  • REC Group Solar modules
  • LG
  • Sun Power
  • QCells
  • Canadian Solar
  • Panasonic
  • Silfab
  • JinkoSolar 
  • Trina Solar

We do not currently service solar film or solar tile arrays. Nor do we service systems on tile or slate roofs.


  • Iron Ridge Racking
  • Unirac
  • Most other racking types

Inverters (micro & string)

  • Enphase
  • Solar Edge
  • SMA
  • Fronius
  • Sun Power
  • Solectria
  • ABB Aurora
  • Generac

Battery Storage

  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Generac Power Cell
  • LG Chem
  • Enphase
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