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Power Up Solar Fundraising With Solar Group Buy & Referrals

Connect the benefits of solar energy to your organization’s mission with PowerUp Fundraising.

Partner with StraightUp Solar and develop a new socially-beneficial stream of donations through solar fundraising.

There are several ways the programs and services provided by StraightUp Solar can generate fundraising opportunities for your organization:

Strategic Referral Partnership  Get to know StraightUp Solar.  Then present us to your membership and earn your organization a referral reward for each individual that goes solar with us.

StraightUp Solar Donations are generated by participation in a Solar Group Buy promoted by your organization. For each completed installation at homes of  your members or constituency, StraightUp Solar will make a cash or component donation to your nonprofit.

Current PowerUp Partnerships

PowerUp Missouri Coalition for the Environment
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Previous PowerUp Partnerships

Power Up Solar Fundraising With Solar Group Buy & Referrals

Power Up Solar Fundraising - Hudson United Methodist Church

Power Up Solar Partners - Ecology Action Center

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