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What is Community Solar?

Community Solar offers the benefits of the sun – clean and low cost energy – to those who cannot have a solar array on their own property.


With zero up-front investment, home owners, municipalities, schools and businesses can now enjoy saving money on their monthly electricity bills as well as all the other benefits of clean solar energy – by conveniently and easily subscribing to Community Solar Arrays.


Community Solar also directly helps your community: more good paying jobs, a cleaner environment and a more resilient grid, helps everyone.


How Does Community Solar Work?

Community Solar is made possible through an innovative billing policy known as “virtual net metering.”

Subscribers continue using energy as normal on their property that is then directly offset by the energy produced from their subscribed fraction of the remote Community Solar Array.

Individuals or organizations who pay a utility bill can become subscribers to a Community Solar array.

Interested in more detailed information on Community Solar subscriptions in Illinois? View the Illinois Shines Community Solar Brochure.


Benefits of a Community Solar Subscription
  • Access solar energy without ownership
  • Transfer your subscription to a new address or another customer within the Ameren IL service territory
  • Cancel your subscription at any time
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