Solar Panel & Systems Financing for Non-Profits & Government

Decide to switch to solar, not to spend.

Nonprofit and government dollars are finite. Stretch them further by lowering one of the largest operating expenses: your monthly electric bill. A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) allows you to do just that along with no need for a capital outlay. Solar financing for nonprofits and government organizations are making it affordable for tax-exempt entities.

How can your community benefit from making the switch to solar?

Solar electricity has tremendous benefits for nonprofits and government institutions:
Often offers a lower rate than grid electricity on day one
Eliminates the possible uncertainty posed by unexpected rate increases
Lowers monthly utility costs
Reduces operating expenses for decades
Instills confidence in fiscal responsibilities among existing and prospective donors

What Rate Can Nonprofits & Government Entities Expect to Pay for Solar Power?

Every organization’s solar project is unique in design and construction.  So the actual electricity rate will vary from project to project.

The most common factors impacting the rate you will be offered by a third-party investor include:  how much electricity you use each month;  which specific financing plan you choose; and site-specific characteristics, such as available space.

Incentives & Financing Make Solar Energy Affordable for Tax-Exempt Entities

The StraightUp Solar service area covers most of Illinois and Missouri.

Within this region, exciting options like the PPA are emerging that were unavailable just a few years ago.

Illinois Incentives and Financing for Solar-Powered Government Entities and Non-Profits
Your Bottom Line
Lower one of your single largest monthly operating expenses and demonstrate your commitment to a sustainable community.
StraightUp Solar works with government and non-profit organizations of all types to lower one of their largest operating expenses.

StraightUp Solar is a mission-focused B Corp. Our mission is to empower communities to create a sustainable future by incorporating the benefits of solar electricity.
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