Solar Financing & Savings for Commercial & Industrial

Price and Profitability

Cash flow and Return on Investment (ROI) demand constant attention for most businesses. So, making the transition to commercial solar power systems for solar energy starts with one question:

How much money will my business save by using solar power?

The bottom-line impact is where businesses find true value. Solar power systems provide tremendous value for commercial and industrial businesses:
Increase cash flow from estimated lower monthly utility costs
Annual savings make solar a low-risk, tax-free investment
Better ROI than other low-risk investments
25-year module production warranty

Building the Financial Case for Solar

What’s the price of installing solar power for commercial and industrial businesses?  Every business solar project is unique.  So actual pricing varies with each project.

The first step for your SUS project developer is to align your budget and the physical and electrical attributes of your site with your long-term financial goals. The most common factors impacting the cost of a solar power project include available space, current monthly bill and rate class, budget, and other site-specific characteristics.

Incentives & Financing for
Commercial and Industrial Solar Power

The StraightUp Solar service area covers most all Illinois and Missouri.

StraightUp Solar works with commercial and industrial businesses to identify appropriate funding solutions to finance solar project costs.
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The process was smooth and professional. Year-over-year comparing the 12 months prior to our solar install with the next 12 months after, our electric bills averaged 70% less per month.

— Michael T., St. Charles, MO