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What are the Various Components Affecting an Individual Solar Project’s Cost?


“How much does solar cost?” It is a question we get all the time. The short answer is that it varies. Solar arrays are tailored to fit each individual project and depend on answers to questions like: 

  • Would you like a roof mounted system, or a ground mounted system?
  • How many solar panels do you need to meet your goals?
  • What kind of panels and inverters are you choosing for your system?
  • Are you adding any add-on options such as electric vehicle charging or batteries?


Here we shine a light on factors that affect the cost of a solar project. 


Roof Mounts vs. Ground Mounts

First, begin with where you would like your solar panels to go. Some people do not have the ground space and can only put solar on the roof, while some people have the roof space but opt to put the panels on the ground. Either way, that is your choice to make based on your preference.


If you decide to put panels on the roof, there are certain price factors associated with that. For example, if your roof is several stories tall and a telehandler is needed to hoist the panels up to the roof there will be an extra cost due to needing to rent the telehandler. Also, the complexity of the roof design could impact the cost. 


If your preference is for a ground mounted system, there are trenching costs associated with that unlike the roof mounted option. Your Project Developer will help you reach a decision on what mounting option is best for you and your buck.


Equipment: Panels and Inverters

Once you understand your energy goals, it’s time to consider what equipment is right for your system. StraightUp Solar offers a variety of panels and inverters, each with different capabilities and price points. If you have a smaller roof and high offset goals, you may choose to go with a panel that has a higher efficiency and perhaps a higher price point. If you are not limited in how much space you can utilize, you may choose to have more panels with a lower efficiency and lower price point. At StraightUp Solar, a Project Developer works with you to decide which option is best for you.


Special Additions

There may also be special options that you may elect to purchase along with your solar array. A sample of these options are battery storage, electric vehicle charging, and critter guards.


StraightUp Solar is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer. We offer other battery options as well, and these can be selected as an add-on to your project. We also offer electric vehicle charging station installation as an add-on. Lastly, we offer critter guards to help protect roof-mounted panels from having wires chewed on by any pesky squirrels that may try to munch. Your Project Developer will help you choose which add-ons would work best for your goals. 


You may be thinking “Whew! That’s a lot to think about – where would I even start?” The best way to calculate the cost of your solar project is to reach out for a free, no-obligation solar quote. StraightUp Solar Project Developers specialize in walking you through the process every step of the way. They offer expert advice on the right system to fit your needs. Get a customized solar quote for your home at no cost with just a 20 minute phone call with one of our Project Developers. Get started today!

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