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Farms going solar are a growing trend in Illinois. Knowledge of incentives and project financing is critical to helping farm owners maximize their savings.

Thinking about Batteries? 5 Things to Think About as You Get Started

 Decide What You Want Backed Up Home battery backup systems can keep the lights on and refrigerator running when the …

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Backup Generator For Solar System Array

So you now that you have gone solar, what can you do to fully cut the cord and go off-grid? A backup generator may be the answer. Generators can run loads that are beyond your inverters capacity such as well pumps and certain heavy machinery. If you have a battery backup as well, the generator can charge your batteries or improve their performance through a process known as equalizing. We serve Columbia, St. Louis and Illinois.

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Off-Grid + Solar

Off-Grid Solar Battery Systems March, 2014         Off-grid solar systems were the starting point for much of …

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Batteries – DC Coupling

Grid-Connected Solar Plus Batteries – DC Coupling February, 2014   DC Coupling is the standard method to combine a grid-tied …

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Batteries + Solar – Secure Power Supply

The Utility is Down and the Sun is Up – You’ve Got Power (Without Batteries)! January, 2014   As previously …

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Batteries + Solar – Options

Considering Solar and Batteries?  Welcome to Your Updated Options. January, 2014       The solar market continues to develop …

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Batteries + Solar – AC Coupling

Retrofit Your Existing Grid-Connected Solar System with Batteries   – AC Coupling – February, 2014   AC Coupling provides a …

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Considering Solar and Batteries? Welcome to Your Updated Options.

  The solar market continues to develop at a wonderfully rapid pace.  One of the primary reasons to consider solar …

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