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Solar and the Environment Resource Library


If you are here, thank you! You realize the importance of doing your part to move our energy grid to more sustainable sources, like the sun! Solar empowers everyday people to choose where they get their energy. Every solar installation helps move our region toward our clean energy goals.

In this article you will find a collection of educational resources on the environmental impact of solar for homeowners and how it impacts the Midwest region.

The Midwest needs your help.

StraightUp Solar is growing a tribe of forward-thinking people in Missouri and Illinois who are choosing clean solar energy. Yes, you have a choice.

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What is the StraightUp Solar Tribe?
A Tribe is a shared community that forges a new paradigm. Our company shows we care by empowering a Solar Tribe to build a sustainable, shared future. We care by reaching upward and outward, arms open. When our Tribe’s members get their solar system installed, we capture their tribal pose, with arms outstretched toward the sky.

Our customers are more than just customers, they become a part of our solar community and contributors to our region at large. Hear what they have to say about solar and our services.


How does solar help the environment?

Solar is one way to reduce carbon dioxide production by offsetting coal burning for power production. The Midwest is powered largely with coal, so each kWh (kilowatt-hour) produced from a solar system may save one pound of coal from being burned. A solar electric system will offset the energy to produce the modules in less than 3 years – that means truly clean energy for the remaining life of the system over the next 25+ years!


What are the environmental benefits of a typical solar array?

This diagram shows the equivalencies of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by the production of a typical 7.7kW (kilowatt) solar array. Download the PDF.

Solar Environmental Equivalencies

If you’d like to learn more, check out the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.


Renewable Energy in Missouri and Illinois

To learn more about renewables in our region, watch the webinar recording “The Importance of Renewable Energy and the Environment.”


Solar energy has come a long way from the first Earth Day back in 1970. In this Earth Week Special webinar “The Importance of Renewable Energy for the Environment and Economy,” hear about trends in the renewable energy job market, the transition from coal, and the sustainability impact a southern Illinois organization has made from industry experts Matt Farwig of StraightUp Solar, Andy Knott of Sierra Club, and Larissa Armstrong of Ecology Action Center.


Ready to take charge of your clean energy future?

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