StraightUp Solar installs arrays at six Llywelyn's Pub locations | SS

June 2014: StraightUp Solar installs arrays at six Llywelyn’s Pub locations


Llywelyn’s Pub and StraightUp Solar are proud to announce the addition of 107 kilowatts of solar energy at six Llywelyn’s locations across St Louis. The O’Fallon, Webster Groves, St Charles, Soulard, and Central West End Llywelyn’s locations are now producing carbon-free solar energy.

In each of the locations, visitors can observe a display monitor providing real-time solar energy output and cumulative benefits. According to Brett Bennett, co-owner of Llywelyn’s Pub, “Installing solar at all of our locations made sense to us as part of our ongoing efforts to help the environment and reduce our footprint.”

  • Every year, the combined 428 solar panels at the six locations will:
    •  offset over a quarter million pounds of CO2
    • produce 135 MWh and offset approximately 7% of Llywelyn’s electric bill
  • The system will pay for itself in 2 years and then Llywelyn’s will enjoy free energy for decades.

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