The Illinois Solar Battery Rebate

Updated December 14, 2022

What is the Illinois Solar Battery Storage Rebate?

Thanks to the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, any home or business located within Ameren Illinois or ComEd utility service territory can take advantage of solar battery storage rebates. These rebates can significantly reduce the cost of adding storage to your solar project. Although stringent requirements and details are involved, the StraightUp Solar team is here to help.

VIDEO: Get Charged Up! Your Guide to Illinois’ Solar Battery Rebate

In this webinar recording, StraightUp Solar’s VP of Development Shannon Fulton walks you though the requirements, important dates, and how much you can save. We can help with next steps whether you’re an eligible existing battery customer or want to join the StraightUp Solar community with a new solar + battery solution.

What’s the Timeframe?

Illinois home and business owners must meet specific criteria to qualify for battery rebates, and the timelines differ between Ameren and ComEd. Ameren Illinois customers whose storage solution was added to their existing solar system after June 1, 2017, are eligible now for the rebate. Applications will be processed after January 7, 2023.

Those under ComEd service territory who added battery storage to their solar system on or after August 11, 2022, are eligible, with application processing starting on December 15, 2022.


How Does It Work?

The process begins with installing and operating a solar PV system and battery storage solution. Next, those qualified must submit a rebate application to their utility company. StraightUp Solar’s professionals will complete the installation and rebate application for you.

Once Ameren IL or ComEd obtains your application, you’ll receive the incentives as cash within 60 days after your system gains permission to operate. The cash incentives vary according to battery capacity in kilowatt-hours, but you can expect the following to apply:

  • Residential: $300 per kWh rebate
  • Commercial: $250 per kWh rebate

For instance, a typical Illinois homeowner with a single Tesla Powerwall+ can expect an estimated cash rebate of $4,000 for their 13.5 kWh battery storage solution. There’s no better time than now to pair your system with battery storage or start your solar journey! What could you do with the extra cash?


The Solar Storage Batteries We Offer

StraightUp Solar offers quality solar battery storage products from two industry leaders: Tesla Powerwall and Enphase.

  • The Tesla Powerwall connects to solar systems via Tesla gateways, which continuously monitor power in and out of your battery and automatically enter Storm Mode before severe weather arrives.
  • The Enphase IQ Battery consists of 3 base storage units that can quickly scale up as your energy needs change and prioritizes power backup if it detects an incoming storm.

Why StraightUp Solar?

StraightUp Solar provides complete solar services from design to build (engineering, procurement, construction, installation) for solar systems, battery storage, smart panels, and EV charging stations. We also offer professional operations and maintenance with every installation to ensure your system works at its full potential over the long term. With over 1,900 residential and commercial-scale solar projects in Missouri and Illinois under our belt, the StraightUp Solar team has you covered.

Driven by our CLEARE values, we prioritize people and planet in everything we do. We aim to ensure our customers make the most educated decision possible regarding solar. Therefore, we present all facts and provide support when needed. We’re here to help you harvest clean energy and work toward a greener future!


Take Advantage of the Illinois Solar Battery Rebate

Qualified residential and commercial solar customers in Illinois can receive significant cash incentives on their battery storage solutions. Our team is here to answer your questions, complete your application, and help you reap the benefits of the Illinois solar battery rebate. Existing customers can reach out to their Project Developer or reach out here.  

If you’re new to the solar lifestyle, request a free quote today to get started!