5 Steps to Make Your House a Solar Power Home GSC TEST

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If you discover that solar is an option, you’ll be directed to a Project Developer to begin planning your custom proposal. 2. Set Custom Plan This is where we get into the nitty gritty of your very own solar layout. A Project Developer will take all your needs into consideration and build a digital layout […]

4 Ways Solar Energy Protects Against Rising Electricity Bills

4 Ways Solar Energy Protects Against Rising Electricity Bills Ameren Illinois recently announced that the average residential customer will see a $626 annual increase in electricity costs on the power supply side of the bill or an average of $52 or more per month (approximately 40% increase) throughout the year. The price increase will occur […]

Missouri Homeowners Gain Solar Energy Rights

  In August, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a law prohibiting Homeowners Associations (HOAs) from banning solar in their neighborhoods. The act states that no deed restriction, covenant, or similar binding agreement running with the land shall limit or prohibit the installation of solar panels or solar collectors on the rooftop of any property or […]


Convention Center Locks in Energy Savings with Solar Energy   The Oakley-Lindsay Center, Quincy’s performing arts and convention center complex unveiled their new solar photovoltaic system, estimated to generate 70% of the building’s electricity usage. “Going solar was the right decision for our facility to reduce our operating costs and lock in long-term savings for […]

Critter Guard Explained

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  Squirrels, birds, raccoons, and other small critters can pose serious risks to your solar array. They are capable of causing minor to severe damage to your system. With Critter Guard, you can help protect your array and keep your system running smoothly, without interference from nature’s unwanted guests. In this video we answer some […]

Missouri Solar Incentives

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A woman walks into a solar store and asks, “What Missouri solar incentives are available for me?” The solar saleswoman answers, “It all depends.” This conversation happens all the time at StraightUp Solar. There are some financial incentives offered by the federal government and local utilities. In Missouri, the value of these solar incentives depends […]

Introducing Bodhi – Your New Solar Assistant

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StraightUp Solar is proud to announce our new partnership with Bodhi, an online app that allows solar customers to easily track every step of their solar journey. Bodhi makes it simple to track the progress of your project during the pre-installation phase, as well as track your solar production post-installation and share your solar success […]

StraightUp Solar’s Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

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We are all faced with many challenges right now, including coronavirus, economic uncertainty, and climate change. In particular, COVID-19 and climate change have hit communities of color the hardest.  These people have been put in harm’s way due to systematic racism. For example, many work at jobs where they are exposed to coronavirus because they […]

Solar Service, Maintenance, and Warranties

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At StraightUp Solar, we want you to have the best solar experience possible. That is why we stand by our work with Workmanship and Energy Production guarantees, as well as solar maintenance and solar repair services for systems that we didn’t install.   When you install a system with StraightUp Solar, you will receive three […]

Final Results for Grow Solar Metro East 2019

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    Peter Murphy, Solar Program Director, Midwest Renewable Energy Association Grow Solar Metro East was a community success! The program was organized by Lewis and Clark Community College, Madison County Planning and Development, Glen Carbon Cool Cities Committee, the Sierra Club, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, with StraightUp Solar as the competitively selected solar […]