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Andrew Stetter- Solar Project Development

Andrew is extremely passionate about solar energy and its potential to improve society. Growing up, he was fascinated by science, technology, and the environment. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s degree. His major focus was Renewable Energy with a minor focus in Construction Management. 

Throughout his time at StraightUp Solar, he has been able to develop over 170 individual solar projects across the State of Illinois totaling over $8,000,000 in sales revenue [by the age of 26]. His projects span residential, agricultural, commercial, and non-profit sectors. He enjoys learning about industry trends and theorizing ways to optimize the solar business to make the technology more affordable & easier for the masses to obtain.

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In addition to his great success in sales, Andrew has also contributed to the company through his initiation of our Drone Division. This division allows us to capture more accurate data from job sites, create measurable 3D models via photogrammetry, reduce costs, improve safety, and show off our completed projects from the sky. He led a cost/benefit analysis that resulted in the approval from our Leadership team, the investment into drones (along with insurance), the certification of team members from the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial flights, and select waivers from airports for permission to fly in certain restricted airspaces. 


His innovative work style led to the adoption of a very successful E-Sales approach that is now used across the company. Each one of his customers appreciates his ability to provide accurate and understandable information in an efficient manner. Andrew has some of the best reviews of any team member at StraightUp Solar and secures more referrals than any other developer at the company.

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