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Aaron Bugg - Solar Project Development

Aaron is passionate about improving the ethics, economic fairness, and eco-friendliness of the energy industry. He joined StraightUp Solar in 2017 as a solar installer. After spending six months installing solar panel systems he transferred to Project Development, where he aspired to use his love for meeting and educating people to inspire more people to buy solar systems. He’s in Project Development to this day, focusing his work with residential and small commercial customers across Missouri and Illinois.

Before joining StraightUp Solar, Aaron spent a year fundraising for a solar installation for a local family crisis shelter in his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky. His non-profit raised enough money to power two of the shelter’s duplexes with solar. Aaron now lives in Missouri with his wife Camille, and children Macy and Eliza. When he’s not at work he enjoys playing with his kids, cycling, reading, watching movies, and community service.

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