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StraightUp Solar wants to help you meet your sustainable saving goals! There are many ways to reduce your energy bills and many ways to enhance your solar experience. Because every customer has unique needs we offer a range of services.

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Battery Backup

What happens when the grid goes down? Solar systems are designed to shut down for safety reasons when the grid loses power, but thankfully battery backup can fill in the gaps. There are 5 ways to combine solar with battery backup so that when the grid goes down your lights stay on.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Are you considering an electric car? We can install the chargers necessary to power your car. When you use your standard coal power the driving costs are 3 cents/mile assuming a standard 10 cents/kWh electric rate but with solar you could be driving for only 2 cents/mile. Imagine driving on sunlight!

Solar Maximization and Maintenance

Do you want to keep your existing array running at peak efficiency or are you experiencing problems with your array? Whether we installed your system or not, we offer a service to clean, inspect, and analyze your system to make sure your investments keep providing healthy returns.

Remove and Replace

Need to remove your solar array for roof maintenance or upgrades?  Allow our experienced staff to make sure your array is removed and remounted to optimize your array’s potential.

Illinois SREC Incentive Available

SRECs can save you BIG money on your solar array!

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