Solar Maintenance & Maximization Program

We can help you maximize your investment and obtain peace of mind that your solar array is producing appropriately.  Fortunately, solar electric / photovoltaic systems work for 25+ years and require minimal work to keep them functional.  However, without a maintenance program that ensures maximal function, you may be limiting your financial return and your environmental impact. If another contractor installed your system and either they’re not available now, or you’d like another professional to evaluate your system, we’re happy to help!

With over 9 Years of Experience designing, installing, and maintaining systems, we can help you maximize your solar investment.

We offer a maintenance program to:

  • Clean the Solar Panels
  • Evaluate the Mounting System Integrity
  • Inspect for Wire Damage
  • Confirm Appropriate Inverter Function
  • Review Safe System Shut-Down
  • Analyze System Production

We can review the system as a one-time evaluation or perform scheduled maintenance on a 6 month or yearly basis.  Call or email us for additional information.


Illinois SREC Incentive Available

SRECs can save you BIG money on your solar array!

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