Removing and Replacing Solar Panels

StraightUp Solar has experience in both commercial and residential solar array removal and replacing procedures.

remove and replace rooftops

Reasons to Remove and Replace Your Array:

– Hail Damage to Roof

– Roofing Material Replacement

– Damage to Roof as a Result of Fire

– Additions to Structure


The Removal and Replacement Process Includes:

– Inspection of rooftop equipment for signs of damage or early failure

– Replacement of any malfunctioning equipment under manufacturer’s warranty

– Sealing of any roof penetrations

– Required electrical and building permitting

The installation of new properly sealed attachment points will help hold your array in place for many years to come.  
If you are a contractor or a solar array owner please contact 844-97-SOLAR to learn more about a Remove and Replace option and hear about our workmanship warranty. 

Click here to access our Printer-Friendly Remove and Replace Information Sheet to Share with Your Friends and Clients.


Illinois SREC Incentive Available

SRECs can save you BIG money on your solar array!

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