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Installing Solar Panels Should Save District Over $200,000

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Some 588 solar panels installed on six Meramec Valley R-III School District buildings began supplying electricity last week. The new 25-kilowatt solar power roof installations at Coleman, Nike, Truman and Zitzman elementary schools, along with Meramec Valley Middle School and Pacific High School, are expected to save the district $212,730 over the next 10 years. “Students, parents, faculty and staff in the district will have the satisfaction of knowing that a portion of the energy used to maintain daily school operations is produced on...

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Empire Electric Solar Rebate Ruling – Low Cost Solar in Southwest Missouri

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Empire Electric Solar Rebate: Finally after several years of battling to get Empire customers their legally required solar rebates, the Supreme Court has ruled that Empire Electric must begin paying solar rebates as required by a 2008 state-wide ballot initiative.  Prop C – the Clean Energy Initiative, passed with 66% Missourian support. If you live in Southwest Missouri near cities such as Joplin, Branson, Springfield, or Webb City you should take advantage of this excellent rebate program and purchase solar panels for your home or...

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Illinois Solar Tour Featured Project

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Illinois is hosting a statewide Solar Tour. The event is completely free and there is no registration required. Learn More Here!.  Stop on by the Southwestern region and you will find 5 StraightUp Solar projects.  We would like to thank the Belleville News Democrat for featuring two of these.   Metro-East Home and Business Tour Highlights Solar Energy BY WILL BUSS News-DemocratOctober 2, 2014 Updated 18 hours ago A home and a business in Swansea will be on display Saturday for those interested in learning about solar-powered...

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UBS Analysts: ‘Large-Scale Power Stations Could Be on a Path to Extinction’

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Leading investment bank UBS says the payback time for unsubsidized investment in electric vehicles paired with rooftop solar and battery storage will be as low as six to eight years by 2020, potentially triggering a massive shift in the energy industry. “It’s time to join the revolution,” UBS wrote in a note to clients, in what could be interpreted as a pointed rejoinder to those governments and corporates that believe centralized fossil-fuel generation will continue dominate for decades to come. By 2030, according to UBS analysts, this...

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Solar Financing Options

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At StraightUp Solar we strive to make installation as easy as possible including the financing of your project. Please speak to one of our friendly sales team with any questions. To simplify the process, several different financing options are available for your solar electric system purchase: Same as Cash Credit Second Mortgage For example, a “same-as-cash” loan will help cover the cost of the system until you receive the 30% federal tax credit for the year.  Other standard option include a line of credit or second mortgage on...

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How Much Solar Power On My Home?

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How much solar power can I fit on my roof in Missouri and Illinois?  How much will the solar system produce? These are two of the most frequent questions that we hear about solar power in the St. Louis region.   Here are some simple guidelines for starters: 1. A solar panel’s DC power rating equals approximately     15 watts / ft2 2. Most viable roof areas allow approximately 70% of the space to be effectively used. 3. Three good rules of thumb for determining how much energy solar power systems in the St Louis region under good...

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Batteries + Solar – Secure Power Supply

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The Utility is Down and the Sun is Up – You’ve Got Power (Without Batteries)! January, 2014   As previously discussed, there are now numerous options to have safe, secure power when the grid is down.  In the past, this was essentially considered an “all-or-none” option – either you had the grid with no solar or you had solar and batteries with no grid.   The solar world continues to evolve.  For many in the solar world, the big news over the last several years has been the lower cost of solar panels.  However, we’re also...

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Batteries + Solar – Options

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Considering Solar and Batteries?  Welcome to Your Updated Options. January, 2014       The solar market continues to develop at a wonderfully rapid pace.  One of the primary reasons to consider solar has always been energy independence.  For some, independence was freedom from power outages – or, even more so, complete independence from the electric grid itself.  For others, independence meant creating clean power for a fixed cost that protected them from rising energy costs with a return on investment.   For many,...

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Solar is 2-100 Times Lower Cost Than You Think

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Solar Creates Big Savings What’s the cost of solar today? Well, it depends a great deal on where exactly you are located, but no matter where you’re located, I’d bet that most of you have a cost of solar in your head that’s 2–100 times greater than the actual cost of solar power. Read on for an explanation…. One of the things I majored in for my bachelor’s degree (a long time back) was sociology. I think one of the key lessons I learned in those four years was that we are not exactly rational beings (okay, I guess I had a sense...

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Solar is Soaring

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In 2013, a new solar project will be installed in the U.S. every four minutes, which is just one of many significant milestones detailed in the SEIA and GTM report released today, U.S Solar Market Insight: 2nd Q2 2013.   In April to June of this year, the U.S solar energy industry recorded its second best quarter ever – a whopping 15 percent increase over the first three months of 2013. We’re now generating enough clean electricity to power more than 1.5 million American homes, including the White House!   Download the Free...

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