Commercial Solar Electric

Solar power is a perfect addition to your company’s environmentally sustainable practices. Join StraightUp Solar in our effort to ensure a healthier environment for future generations by learning more about the fundamentals and benefits of commercial solar energy.

How Solar Electric Power Works

Solar systems consist of three main components: photovoltaic modules (panels), an inverter that converts DC (direct current) power to usable AC (alternating current) power, and the mounting system for the panels.

Most solar electric systems are grid tied or connected to your utility company’s power grid. This ensures that you will always have enough energy to comfortably power your business regardless of whether the weather is sunny.

Solar modules collect the sun’s energy and convert it to DC energy. This DC energy is fed to an inverter and converted to the AC energy that is used to power your business. A utility meter then records the amount of power that is produced or used by your company. On days when your company produces more energy than it’s using, excess power is fed back into the utility grid, essentially spinning your energy meter backward and crediting your bill. On days when your company is using more energy than it’s producing, you pull energy from electric grid. This is called Net Metering.

Solar ensures that your company’s energy needs are always being met at a more affordable price.

About the Solar Panels
  • Size = approximately 3 x 5 feet each
  • 25 year warranty — durable and hail tested
  • No maintenance
  • Multiple mounting options (roof or ground)


Simple Steps to Solar Savings

The Returns On Your Investment: Beyond Just Financial

PV systems will provide many years of clean, renewable energy at a price that’s much cheaper than most alternatives. Solar panel costs have decreased significantly, while the incentives to install them have continued to improve. For many clients, the net cost, after incentives, of making the solar switch is 60% less than the total cost of the system. Additionally, a business’ ability to rapidly depreciate the system and receive tax credits in the form of a grant, further improve the return on investment.

Beyond controlling your company’s energy costs, solar power softens your company’s impact on the environment. For many of our customers considering solar power, it’s not just about the bottom line; it’s also about energy independence and our future.

Enjoy Great Incentives!

Monitor Your System’s Production
  • Data is transmitted from your system’s inverters and is viewable online.
  • Get real time feedback on your system’s performance.
  • Monitor the financial and environmental benefits of your investment.
  • Use your monitoring site as an education tool and on your website.
  • StraightUp Solar will track monitoring to ensure system is performing as expected.
  • View BikeWorks’ 25 kW system monitoring site.

Example of Modules We Install


Illinois SREC Incentive Available

SRECs can save you BIG money on your solar array!

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