Chuck Garber – Solar Installer

Chuck Garber Bio-picChuck Garber  joined StraightUp Solar as a Solar Installer in 2014. His interest in solar and the renewable energy sector began a few years ago in his hometown of Granite City, IL. This interest in sustainable energy led him to the Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) Solar and Wind Maintenance and Installation course. Chuck started at Straight Up Solar before the course was finished, and have been extremely happy working for such an amazing company.

Chuck’s interests also include music, art, political science, & sustainability and in his downtime he enjoys collecting vinyl records, skateboarding, playing guitar, & figuring out new ways to better the world.  He is happy to be a part of the Solar Tribe and enjoys the knowledge that he is contributing to the growth of green energy in the Midwest.

Illinois SREC Incentive Available

SRECs can save you BIG money on your solar array!

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